The total body enhancing machine from Planet Fitness is: How does it function? Does it actually work? Is access to Total Body Enhancement worth the cost of a Planet Fitness membership, particularly the extra Black Card membership?

What exactly is Total Body Enhancement meant to accomplish? Is everything real or just a scam?

This article covers all the specifics of Planet Fitness’ Total Body Enhancement, Red Light Therapy, and the Beauty Angel system. Let’s start now!

Red light treatment and a vibrating plate are combined in a gadget called the Beauty Angel.

How Does Total Body Enhancement Work?

designed to revitalize and repair the body, refresh and tone muscles, lessen discomfort, and increase circulation.

  • Only accessible to Planet Fitness Black Card holders.
  • Definitely worth a look if you belong to Planet Fitness!

It’s simple to mistake Total Body Enhancement equipment for tanning booths. The enclosed architecture and lengthy light tubes resemble a tanning bed. However, Total Body Enhancement uses red light therapy and vibration to make your workout more effective without using UV lights or darkening your skin.

What is Planet Fitness?

One of the most well-known gyms in the world, Planet Fitness has a fantastic attitude and a welcoming, nonjudgmental culture. People who wish to get in better shape and lose weight should go there.

  • There are several tiers of membership in PF.

There is the entry-level category, which gives users access to the usual assortment of tools. The Black Card membership also entitles you to invite visitors and provides access to complimentary workout instruction, HydroMassage chairs and beds, PF tanning, and their red light therapy booth. A well-liked addition to PF’s line is the Beauty Angel red light therapy booth. Although at first glance it resembles a tanning booth, there are no further parallels.

What is Total Body Enhancement Plant Fitness
What is Total Body Enhancement Plant Fitness

How Does Total Body Enhancement Work?

Let’s take a quick look at the science.

According to a study on low-level laser light therapy, skin cells’ mitochondria make more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) when they are exposed to red light. The cells’ main source of power is ATP.

You experience improved cellular activity with increasing exposure.

In red light therapy, skin cells are rejuvenated. Stretch marks and other cosmetic concerns like wrinkles are frequently treated with it.

Red light and a vibrating plate that tones the body are combined in the Beauty Angel booth. There are numerous programs accessible, both for experts and beginners. The abdominal, back, and leg muscles receive physiological training from the vibrations.

What is Beauty Angel?

  • The Beauty Angel is made by a company called the JK Group, which is now owned by Ergoline.
  • The majority of Planet Fitness facilities have a booth like this for red light treatment.
  • The business has been operating for many years, and it uses cutting-edge technology to produce cutting-edge items.
  • The RVT 30 is the most popular Beauty Angel model at Planet Fitness, which we cover in detail in our review of the RVT 30. This model integrates two technologies into one device to improve the way the body feels and looks.
  • Red light treatment and vibration technology make up the Total Body Enhancement machine’s two technologies.
  • You must spend roughly 12 minutes inside the booth either before or after your workout to use the machine.

What Do Plant Fitness Actually Do?

It’s also a fantastic idea to use the Total Body Enhancement Machine to recover after working out.

Here are some additional arguments to persuade you to reconsider include red light therapy treatments in your regimen:

1. It Promotes Fat Burning

Red light treatment has an energy-boosting effect on the body, allowing you to put up with more strenuous workouts.

You will be able to increase your workout intensity so that you aren’t limited to low-intensity routines.

2. It Promotes the Growth of Muscle

In addition to promoting fat loss, the extra energy can promote muscular development. Even if you favour strengthening activities over intense cardio, the extra energy still benefits.

It encourages you to persevere and complete the entire workout.

3. It Promotes a Positive Atmosphere at the Gym

It’s possible to feel energised after a strenuous workout! That energy boost might make you feel better, whether it comes from red light treatment before or after your workout.It makes you feel fantastic and gives you more energy for the rest of the day. This additional energy may encourage higher calorie and fat burning.

What is Total Body Enhancement Plant Fitness
What is Total Body Enhancement Plant Fitness
What is Total Body Enhancement Plant Fitness
What is Total Body Enhancement Plant Fitness
Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

The Science of Light Therapy’s Advantages

Low-level light therapy, laser light therapy, and photobiomodulation are further names for red light therapy (LLLT). This method is becoming more and more well-liked, and many academics and artists applaud its efficacy.

Effective Pain Management

Patients receiving infrared light therapies for oral mucositis participated in a two-year clinical trial. According to the study, 96% of participants experienced pain reduction.

The effectiveness of low-level laser treatment (LLLT) for treating adult pain brought on by musculoskeletal problems was also investigated in a separate study. This study also discovered that it significantly lessens pain in patients who are adults.

Facilitates Wound Healing

Red light treatment has been shown in numerous trials to hasten tissue repair and wound healing, particularly for skin wounds. According to a study, light treatment promotes skin rejuvenation, lowers inflammation, and speeds up recovery.

Reverses Aging Symptoms

Most people probably associate red light treatment with reversing or delaying the effects of ageing. Damaged skin brought on by UV rays from the sun or tanning beds can speed up skin ageing and cause those bothersome fine lines and wrinkles.

Red light therapy was found to have positive effects on photodamaged skin, including larger collagen fibres, softer, smoother skin, and less wrinkles.

Strengthens Joint Health

Studies evaluating the use of red light therapy on people with rheumatoid arthritis are now being conducted because it can boost the creation of collagen. Red light treatment has been shown in different studies to help people with rheumatoid arthritis and Achilles tendinitis feel less pain.

reduces depression and body fatigue

Red light treatment also helps with weariness and depression, which is another advantage.