What is Total Body Enhancement?

Total body enhancement is ared light treatment booth with a vibrating footplate that is made by a firm named Beauty Angel and intended for use in planet fitness gyms around the nation is referred to as whole body enhancement.

With the exception of the UV tanning tubes, this piece of equipment resembles a stand-up tanning booth. This booth does not create UV, and it is not intended for use with any kind of UV light source. Red Light Therapy tubes, which produce a safe, visible red light, are used in place of tanning lamps.

Every side of each booth is equipped with these red light tubes, which bombard your entire body with reviving red light.

The booth includes red light-producing lamps in addition to the Vibra Shape, a vibrating foot pad. There are four distinct intensity settings for the Vibra Shape. Without getting into the science here, studies have demonstrated that whole-body shaking can have similar metabolic advantages as treadmill walking without the cardiovascular advantages.

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness
What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

Utilizing Total Body Enhancement

Total body improvement is available whenever you want it. The manufacturers advise using the booth for 12 minutes, two to three times per week, for a total of 90 days. with a 24-hour gap between sessions.

Post-workout would be the ideal time to use the entire body enhancement booth. Red light therapy has several benefits, but one of the biggest ones is that it promotes natural healing and lowers inflammation, which is great if you’ve been lifting weights or have done a strenuous aerobic workout.

By gently vibrating your muscles during its lower periods, the vibrating platform simulates a massage. Excellent for easing into after a workout.

If you have recently completed a strenuous workout, you might want to avoid the higher intensity levels since they are meant to imitate the effects of walking on a treadmill.

It is not necessary to use it after working out. It could be used as a stand-alone therapy. How do I utilize the machine is a frequent query we receive. As far as we can tell from the folks we’ve spoken to, the staff at Planet Fitness is unsure of how and why people should utilize this, and there are no free instructions accessible.

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness
What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

How to Use?

Please add instructions to the booth, or at the very least teach your personnel how to use it, if Planet Fitness is listening.

Here are some advice before you start:

  • Take off any jewelry, including anything pierced.
  • Remove any makeup for the best outcomes.
  • For the duration of the application, keep your body upright and centered on the device.
  • Knees are slightly bent.
  • Use overhead straps to hold yourself and tighten your muscles.
  • It is advised to wear eye protection or close your eyes.

A warm-up period precedes each 12-minute program, and a cooling-down phase follows. Of the 12 minute session, a vibration program typically lasts for 10 minutes. For the duration of the 12-minute session, the lamps will be on. You will be informed at the beginning and finish of the VibraShape session by voice guide instructions.

You may select from four distinct programs on the VibraShape, each of which offers varied degrees of targeted muscle stimulation, workout, and massage intensity.

You’ll need to utilize the controller within the booth to operate the entire body enhancement device.

Close the booth door after climbing inside, then take a seat in the middle.

You must now decide on the vibrating intensity. How to do it:

Until the feet icon is lit up, press left or right on the controller (#2 or #12 on the diagram).

  • To select the required program, press up or down.

A number will appear on the screen; this is the program you are choosing. The most gentle is number 1, and the most vigorous is number 4.

It is advised to start with number 1 so you can feel the vibration and determine whether you encounter any negative consequences.

  • Press the start button to start the 12-minute session.

The lights will turn on and the platform will start swaying. Press the start/stop button to simply turn off the lamps while leaving the vibrating platform on. Keep holding down the start/stop button to turn everything off.

Using the left and right arrows, choose the fan icon, and then push up or down to set a fan intensity level. You can also change the fan speed.

In the entire body enhancement machine, what should I wear?

It doesn’t matter what you wear if you solely use the machine’s vibration feature. Just put on your regular activewear or gym clothing.

You must expose the regions you want to treat to the red light in order to benefit from red light therapy. Red light cannot pass through fabric. On your skin, it must directly shine.

We advise showing as much skin as possible or as much as you are comfortable with. Take maximum advantage if you’re planning to spend time in one of these machines.

Pros and downsides of total body enhancement

There aren’t many drawbacks to utilizing this device. particularly if you currently have a Planet Fitness gym card. There are just two that come to mind;

the absence of instructions on how to operate the device

Your basic gym membership must be upgraded to the Planet Fitness Black Card (more on this below)

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness
What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

Both of these are, in my opinion, minor issues.

There are several advantages to total body enhancement. If you have read through our website, you are aware of our enthusiasm for red light treatment and all of its advantages. Here are just a few benefits for those of you who are considering joining a planet fitness club or who currently attend one.

  • Collagen buildup in the skin
  • better complexion
  • Skin that feels more comfortable Less irritated skin
  • smaller tiny lines