Ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs are the three basic forms of male bodies, respectively who needs to work out based on their form to get fit male body. The majority of guys have a mix of these physique types. Although experts concur that the appropriate diet and exercise can help you get the body you desire, it is still preferable to work with your natural body form.

Fit Male Body

You must initially take into account your natural body shape before beginning to add muscle. Take more than just your weight into account. In order to determine how healthy (or sick) you are, you must also know your height. A good starting point is a body-mass index, or BMI, calculator, which is freely accessible online. Those with a BMI of 19 to 25 are considered to be in the healthy weight range.

Fit male body- A general rule that applies to people of all body types and athletes is: Per kilogram of body weight, consume between 1 and 1.5 grams of protein. As an illustration, 100g of chicken breast will contain 60g of protein that will not all be broken down. When exercising, you should consume more grade 1 protein, which can be found in lean meat, egg whites, whey protein, or soy.


Ectomorphs may struggle to gain weight because they are slim, lanky, have small shoulders, and have a high metabolic rate. These men fall within the category of slow developers and are referred to as the traditional “hard gainers” because they are also naturally slim. Their workouts should be brief, intense, and focused on the main muscular groups to achieve a well-proportioned figure. Ectomorphs require a high-calorie diet that contains some protein and more carbohydrates than other body types. Typically, a diet of 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat is the most effective.

Fit Male Body
Fit Male Body

Exercise program: Depending on an individual’s body weight and age, ectomorphs need a greater calorific intake due to their high metabolic rates. Use a split workout plan, working on two different body areas each day, concentrating on large muscular groups like the upper back or leg muscles. Do three exercises for each body component, three sets per week, for 6–12 repetitions. Consider supplements, as well as pre- and post-workout foods. The only body type that might also profit from a late-night snack is this one. Because once they gain weight, they can easily lose it, cardio should only make up 15% of the total exercise regimen.


Fit male body-Mesomorphs are inherently athletic and have a huge bone structure, large muscles, and large muscles. They find weight gain and loss to be relatively simple. They are inherently strong, which makes it simple for them to add muscle. Weight training works well on the mesomorph body type. For newcomers in particular, the advantages are frequently noticeable fairly rapidly. They must control their calorie intake because they are more likely to accumulate fat than ectomorphs. Typically, a mix of weight training and cardio is most effective. To maintain stable insulin levels, mesomorphs must take more protein, healthy fats like flaxseed and olive oil, and fewer portions of healthy, slowly digesting carbohydrates like wholewheat, brown rice, yams, and potatoes.

Exercise routine: Mesomorphs can choose a picture and declare it is what a fit male body is. They should be careful not to consume excessive amounts of sugar and fat. Mesomorphs benefit from interval and/or circuit exercises that include brief, intense bursts of exercise targeting many body parts. When exercising, try to use complex motions that train the complete body, such as pushups, rather than single-joint exercises like bicep curls. Training must initially focus more on reducing body fat than building muscle, and anywhere between 12 and 18 repetitions is OK. You might wish to work with your trainer to complete a muscle-building cycle for any areas that are a little undeveloped.


Endomorphs typically have wider hips than shoulders and a pear-shaped, chubby appearance. This body type is more prone to weight gain. Less carbohydrates and more proteins are recommended for endomorphs, who should also engage in both aerobic and weight exercise. If they consume adequate protein, they shouldn’t have any trouble building muscle. An endomorph must increase their muscular mass while losing more fat. He ought to perform more sets, more repetitions, and both complex exercises and isolation exercises (which focus on a specific body region) in a larger number of sets, as you can select with your trainer. If they consume enough protein from their diet, they won’t need supplements.

Fit Male Body
Fit Male Body

Exercise plan: Endomorphs need to follow regular cycles for fat loss, muscle gain and cutting up. They should focus 40% of their training on cardio. They must watch what they eat, reduce their fat intake, and consume enough protein and low-GI carbohydrates. For endomorphs, two to three days of cardio per week, for 40 to 60 minutes each, would be the usual recommendation. To achieve a lean appearance, mix this with three days of weight exercise. For each workout, twelve to fifteen repetitions are advised, but first they must remove fat in order to build muscle. The emphasis must be on building one body component at a time if an endomorph wants to get big and meaty.

Mesomorphs have enormous bones, big muscles, and big muscles, hence they are naturally athletic. People think gaining and losing weight is rather easy. Mesomorphs have the ability to proclaim that a picture represents how they want to look. Endomorphs often have a pear-shaped, fat appearance and wider hips than shoulders. This body type is more vulnerable to gaining weight. Endomorphs must adhere to consistent cycles for weight loss, muscle gain, and cutting. Because they are lean, lanky, have small shoulders, and have a high metabolic rate, ectomorphs may find it difficult to put on weight. So, they need to follow strict diet and workout methods that are described above in order to get fit male body.