A Foodie Stays fits is a person who is known for eating a lot of food. Foodies can be found in all generation. In old days, foodies used to bet others whether or not they can eat bunch of food. In todays world, foodies have started food blogging and ASMR’s. One thing is common in all these foodies that most of them stay fit. People often wonder how a foodie stays fit? Maybe they have some kind of metabolism that helps them stay in the shape they are. However, the reason is not supernatural.There are a few habits that one should follow in order to stay fit and being a foodie at the same time.

A Foodie Stays fits -80% vs 20% Rule:

A Foodie Stays fits , This is a common rule that most of the foodies follow in order to stay fit. The rule is simple as the name suggests. They eat junk foods 20% of the time, the rest of the time they eat diet food. By diet food, I mean no sugar, no fat, nothing that can increase the body weight. This method helps them to burn the excessive calories they consumed during that 20% time.

80% vs 20% rule is not a tight schedule. It can be maintained weekly or even monthly. This way, foodies make the food vlogs during this 20% time. That is the secret behind a foodie staying fit. Another benefit of this rule is the foodie can enjoy all types of food there are. He does not have to bind himself only to one kind of food.


The foodies usually consume a lot of junk foods which include a lot of fat. To diminish these, they need to work out as much.

Follow any food vlogger, you will find out that they spend a lot of time working out every single day. They usually have a special workout routine that they follow in order to burn all the fat they consumed. This way, there body remains fit even after raining foods into their stomach.

If you are just starting out, exercise may seem difficult. Once you get used to it, it will get easier. If you are a foodie who wants to stay fit, you must perform enough workout. If not, the body will not be able to support your lifestyle for long.

Having limited food at one sitting:

A Foodie Stays fits, Some foodies prefer not to eat all the mouthwatering food at once. These are the people you see sitting at a restaurant for hours. They undoubtedly eat a lot, though they do not eat all these at once. They take breaks between having foods. That way, the stomach gets enough time to digest the food properly. So, this is a very healthy way to consume food. Also, this method helps body to retain excessive weight due to proper digestion.

A Foodie Stays fits

Deciding where to Eat:

Foodies do not go over to a place, pick a restaurant and start eating all the food they have. For a a foodie to stay fit,he should consult and do some research about the restaurant he is going to. Knowledge about the food making process and the ingredients used are equally important. The same food of two different restaurant can give you two different amount of fat. If a foodie can pick the best restaurant for himself in regards these, then he might be able to eat as much as he desired and stay fit the whole time.

Can you be a Foodie and Fit?

Of course you can. You have to take some measures in order to do so. These includes choosing the right place, having the right pace, performing enough workout and having diet food on your daily menu. Following these simple steps will make a world of difference. Your body may be even more fit than it already is if you follow this steps while eating the junk foods as well.

How do Chefs Stay Fit?

A foodie who stays fit may have a chefs job. The job of a chef is tempting. They are always around all the tasty flavorful food. Also, they taste the foods while cooking to ensure the food is cooked perfect. Even after doing these 30 days a month, they usually stay fit. The secret is they eat light snacks and drinks only at home and proper exercise. There are very few chefs who visits the gym less then four times a week. Some of them even visit the gym twice a day.

How do you Diet when you’re a Foodie?

A Foodie Stays fits , The diet of a foodie can be different than the usual ones. A foodie cannot give up eating the junk foods, so it might tricky for a foodie to control diet. However, there are ways they can do so. A foodie should eat multiple glass of fresh water before every meal they consume. This helps him to digest the food better. He should not eat late at night. The stomach should not have extra pressure when he goes to sleep. Even if he feels the craving for delicious food late at night, he should cover it up with lemonades only. This is a must do for a foodie to stay fit.

A foodie enjoys his meal. Enjoying a meal is not the only desire though, anyone should stay fit to avoid any unwanted diseases. To achieve all these, the process mentioned above should be followed. By doing so, a foodie can save his body regarding health and look.